Stampede Pass, WA
on Saturday, January 19, 2013

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Daily Summary
 ActualAverage (KEAT)Record (KEAT)
Mean Temperature °F 30°F  
Max Temperature 43°F 35°F 49°F (1994)
Min Temperature 43°F 25°F -1°F (1962)
Degree Days
Heating Degree Days 35  
Month to date heating degree days 694  
Since 1 July heating degree days 3214  
Cooling Degree Days 0  
Month to date cooling degree days 0  
Year to date cooling degree days 0  
Dew Point -1°F   
Average Humidity 16    
Maximum Humidity 16    
Minimum Humidity 16    
Precipitation 0.00 in 0.04 in 0.24 in (1964)
Month to date precipitation 0.69  
Year to date precipitation 0.69  
Wind Speed 4 mph   
Max Wind Speed 4 mph   
Max Gust Speed mph   
Visibility 10 miles   

Key: T is trace of precipitation, MM is missing value
Source: NWS Daily Summary
Time(PST)TemperatureDew PointHumidity Pressure Visibility Wind DirectionWind SpeedGust SpeedPrecipitationEvents Conditions
5:56 AM 43.0°F -0.9°F 16% 30.31 in 10.0 miles SW 3.5 mph - N/A   Clear
Moon Phase
Jan. 19 Jan. 26 Feb. 03 Feb. 10 Feb. 17
Sunrise:07:44 AM (PST) Moon Rise:11:21 AM (PST)1/19
Sunset:04:48 PM (PST) Moon Set:01:18 AM (PST)1/19

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