Almanac for Vancouver, WA
on Tuesday, December 4, 2012

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Daily Summary
Mean Temperature °F / °C  
Max Temperature 46°F / 7°C 63°F / 17°C (2007)
Min Temperature 35°F / 1°C 19°F / -7°C (2013)
Dew Point   
Average Humidity    
Maximum Humidity    
Minimum Humidity    
Precipitation in / cm in / cm ()
Wind Speed   
Max Wind Speed   
Max Gust Speed   
Averages and records for this station are not official NWS values.
Key: T is trace of precipitation, MM is missing value
Source: NWS Daily Summary
Seasonal Weather Averages

No daily or hourly history data available

Moon Phase
Dec. 04 Dec. 06 Dec. 13 Dec. 20 Dec. 28
Sunrise:07:34 AM (PST) Moon Rise:10:32 PM (PST)12/4
Sunset:04:27 PM (PST) Moon Set:11:20 AM (PST)12/4

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